Difference between weather and climate

Difference Between Weather and Climate

Generally we see weather forecast on News and debate or Climate change, So, what is difference between weather and climate? We will going to simplified this in easy language.

Difference Table

1.Weather is a short term measurement of surrounding environment on a particular date and time.1. Climate is a average of long term weather of a certain place, region or whole earth.
2. It can be consider by just looking outside your window, watch news or in mobile.2. It need detail study on weather for a long period of time.
3. Weather describe as sunny, rainy, warm, hot or cold like that.3. Climate is more than just some hot or cold days, it took around 30 year weather condition to describe it.
4. Keeping eye on the weather helps us to plan our day.4. It’s important to keep eye on climate change too, as climate of our Earth is getting warmer.
5. If we get to know that there will be thunder, we avoid to go outside.5. As the climate of earth getting warmer, ice of Antarctica and Greenland started melting. We need to take steps toward that too.
6. Change in weather is temporary as it will be sunny after rain if not today then the next day.6. Climate change is need to worry and it require long term actions to make it better.
7. Agriculture depends on the weather of that particular season.7. What type of crop, vegetables or fruits can be grow in that region is decide by Climate condition.


  • Have a look outside your window. What do you see? Is there rainy outside or just cloudy? It can be warm, hot, cold or snowing. That is weather condition.
  • It is a short term measurement of environment condition for a particular date and time.
  • We can check weather conditions and plan our day accordingly.
  • If there is signals of heavy typhoon then we can avoid go outside. For a farmer in monsoon, if there is rain forecast then he avoid watering their crop manually.
  • As weather is for short time, the condition must be change in short time. There will be a clear weather after snow fall or warm weather after rain. However in situation like flood, it may same for weeks but then it gets normal eventually.
  • Agriculture is totally depends on the weather. Especially in country like India, there is a monsoon ( Rainy Season ). Farmers depend on rain to grow up their crop.
  • Although some winter crop affect with a humid weather. So, change in weather need some remedies and planning for short term for that season only.


  • Climate consider as a average weather of long time like 30 years of particular area, region or whole earth. It need detailed study on the weather condition to define a climate.
  • It can be classified as tropical climate, desert climate or marine climate.
  • It’s important today to be aware about climate change of earth, it is getting warmer.
  • Ice of Antarctica and Greenland is melting which can be seen by increase in sea level. There is a organizations who research on the climate change and measure sea levels by using satellite.
  • It require long term vision and solution to prevent earth from climate change. We need to focus on renewable energy sources to reduce global warming.
  • At level of Agriculture and farming, climate decide what type of Crop, Fruits or vegetable can be grown up in the particular region.
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