Difference Between Speed and Velocity

Difference Between Speed and Velocity

What is difference between speed and velocity? Yes most common question for most of us. Students would be like to know the equations and formulas for this for their exams. And yes definitely they mug up every formula and wrote it down in exam paper and then forget about it ! I will gonna tell you simplification of this complexity so you can clear your base knowledge about it. However we use these two terms interchangeably in general use which is quite okay but what is real difference, let’s see !

Difference Table

1. Simple definition of Speed is the rate of change of motion.1. Definition of velocity is rate of change of Position of an object with respect to the Direction.
2. Speed is simply distance travelled by a object in specific time. 2. Velocity is area covered by a object in specific time
3. Average speed can be measure if object changes it’s direction in between.3. For this, the direction of the object must be same as it measure with respect to the direction.
4. It is a scalar quantity 4. It is a vector quantity
5. Magnitude of speed can not be zero or negative.5. Magnitude of velocity can be positive, negative or zero because of it’s change in direction.

Speed & Velocity

Apart from the general use of word which we use, both have some correlation. As any object may have different velocity according to the direction it travels but same speed. Whereas the speed may or may not be same as velocity. Both are measured in Meter per Second ( m/s ). We can simply calculate both the things by formula given below :

Speed = Distance/Time

Velocity = Displacement/Time where Displacement = Final Position−Initial Position


Speed :

A car is running on a speed of 70 km/h, it start from 0 km/h to 30 km/h and then 70 km/h. May be it will go to the 100 km/h. So, the average speed we can calculate by average of number and the distance cover in specific time. The number will be always in positive.

Velocity :

A train is going to the East with the average speed of 70 km/h. So it has velocity of 70 km/h. But what if the train stops and running to the west from where it’s start at the speed of 70 km/h ? The velocity will become zero in this case.

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