Difference between Smart Tv and Android Tv

There were the time when we only look for the size of the TV or model when we choose Tv to buy. But then time changes and there are so many options available in the market now. Although more confusing is what’s difference between Smart Tv and Android Tv ? It all look like same with almost same feature so why there is two different name ? Don’t worry I’m gonna tell you the difference and simplify it for you.

Difference Table

1. Simple and User Friendly Interface 1. It has a huge app library or App Store
2. No any Setup require at beginning2. It needs to be setup while we start it first time.
3. Less or No system updates 3. Frequently update available to works it smooth and up to date
4. It doesn’t have a voice assistant4. It mostly works on Google so Google voice control is there.
5. A bit cheaper than Android Tv5. It’s feature worth the price

Which is Better ?

Smart TV

Smart TV
  • It has a simple user interface. At a home page, there are limited apps and some options from which you need to choose what you want to watch. It is pretty much user friendly for our parents !
  • When you starts, it just need to plug in and there you go. No any additional setup needed. It has a main page with preinstalled apps like YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix and some more. Also some brand provide their own app store which has limited apps you can download. It allows to connect to the Wi-Fi for online show or DTH Box if you want to watch regular channels.
  • As I mentioned earlier, it is with simple interface. So, it doesn’t give system update. Some brands gives update but it is mostly manual or after a long period of time.
  • All you have is just a remote control to control activity on this TV. Obviously we used to do so but it doesn’t provide you voice assistant which is a best controller tool of this modern era.
  • Yes definitely it is better for your pocket in compare to Android TV.

Android TV

Android TV
  • The biggest advantage of Android Tv is the inbuilt App store in it. From where you can download most of the Apps you used to run on your android phone. It has a vast choice of apps. Moreover you can play games in your TV by just downloading it from play store.
  • As we do setup in our Android Phone while we switch on it first time, same process we need to do in this, As both works on same platform. More features it has, the more it ask about our preferences to give us the best user experience.
  • It gets frequent and time to time system update. Also it update by it’s own when connected to Wi-Fi once we enable auto update.
  • It has google voice control system. A microphone in remote control gives you the facility to control everything by just your voice. Just say what you want to do and it will make work done for you, you don’t need to push switches anymore.
  • It offers so much features that will definitely worth the price of it, if you’re going to use all features of it.


No doubt android tv is the best from all the aspects and points we have covered above. But what if the user is someone like our parents or someone who just want to use tv for limited use as watching news, merely a movie or particular tv show. So, to buy a android tv for that person will waste of extra money. The choice of weather to go for a Smart Tv or a Android Tv is totally depends on the user, what type of use they are going to do.


Can we use smart phone as gamepad for playing games in Smart TV?

Not possible in Smart Tv but in Android TV there is option for Screen cast which may support games too.

Can we use external keyboard and mouse for Android TV set top box?

Yes some android tv giving this feature, you need to consult first with the dealer.

Can I copy images from pen drive that is connected to Android TV to any other device?

Yes, possible from any file transfer app on Tv

Why does the home screen directly appears instead of TV channels when putting on the Android TV?

Because it is the feature of android tv that it overwhelmed us with so much apps and features. Sometime we even don’t need it but we have to gone through it to the TV channels.

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