Difference between Sales and Marketing

Some where some people use this both words interchangeably by intentionally or not but these are two different things. Where the marketing is awareness of your product of service and sales is covert that awareness into purchase and make them your customer. Let’s elaborate what are the difference between sales and marketing.

Difference Table

ProcessSales is a process with a individual or a organization to solve their problem or achieve their goal with your product or service.
1. Prospecting
2. Qualify and Approach Leads
3. Proposal and Presentation
4. Objection Handling
5. Closing Sale
6. Recurring Sales and Referrals
Marketing is a process where you aware certain group of people who suppose to use your product or service to solver their problem or achieve their goal.
1. Market Research
2. Targeted Audience Segment
3. Marketing Strategy
4. Implement
5. Observe and Change
6. Lead Generation
GoalsGoal of Sales process is to sell the product or service and generate revenue which is essential to scale a business. Goal of Marketing process is to aware most of the protentional customer and convert them into actual customer by sales.
Strategies1. Cold Calling
2. Direct Meetings
3. Seminars
4. E-Commerce
1. Social Media Marketing
2. Email Campaigns
3. Advertisement
4. Sponsorships

Sales Process

Sales Process

Sales is a process with a individual or a organization to solve their problem, make their life easy and comfortable or achieve their goal with your product or service. Basically anyhow you need add value in your customer’s life by your product. As any process, sales process is a big thing in it’s own way. So, to simply I have arranged it in six step which we will see in depth below.


Prospecting is the process of find out who needs your product or service. Sometime it is for all general use or if it is for some specific target person or Organization. You need to know whom you’re going to pitch to. This is the first and the most important step of sales. If you failed in choose right prospect, you will end up wasting your time.

Qualify and Approach Leads

Once you finish prospecting, you generate many leads. You need to qualify the prospect who can be perfect fit for your product. After you qualify them, you need to approach them by your sales strategy.

Proposal and Presentation

As you approach the qualified leads, you will setup meetings or phone calls with them. Then the next step is the presentation. You need to present your product or service and make them believe how you can add value in their life.

Objection Handling

There are many reason for the prospect not to use your product. As a sales person one need to find out the solution for all of their objection and make it works.

Closing Sale

If all the above process goes well then finally you will get a sale. Closing sale is the thing that put money in pocket and generate revenue.

Recurring Sales and Referrals

Recurring revenue model must need for a company if they want to scale their business. So the customer can generate stable income time by time. Referrals are the recommendation by your satisfied customers to other which is the best sales strategy ever.

Marketing Process

Marketing Process

Market Research

Marketing is basically a vast field itself. First of all you need to research for your market. Analyze your business and research how can your product add value in your customer’s life.

Targeted Audience Segment

As you do market research, you will find your protentional customer and your target audience. You need to figure out which marketing strategy you will apply for your target audience.

Marketing Strategy

There are so many strategy available from which you need to choose which is best for your audience. For example, if you have B2B product, you can go for email campaign or google ads for particular audience. If you have product of general use, you can do social media marketing or Tv ads.


After you decide your marketing strategy, you need to implement that. Most of the time the strategy will be two or more than that. So execution of that strategies must be in a good way to generate more leads.

Observe and Change

You need to analyze the result of your strategy. Observe it and see what change you need to do in it. Make that change and repeat the process unless you get your desired result.

Lead Generation

Mostly marketing generates more leads for the business. In some business it generate direct sales as well. Like E-commerce business.

Sales Goals

Every balance sheet of a business have two side, one side has all the expenses, salaries, bills etc. and the other side has only Sales. It is a process for revenue generation. Which is essential for any company to run and grow. Every company need their sales figures go up every year for the growth of company.

Marketing Goals

Marketing is to aware people or potential customer about the product or service. It create a brand value in mind of their user. A good marketing build trust in consumer so now or then one may have good chance to use your product. In B2B business, marketing goals are to generate more and potential leads.

Sales Strategies

Cold Calling

It is mostly use in prospecting to find out potential prospect and qualify them for further discussion.

Direct Meetings

Direct meetings are the one in which sales person meets a prospects physically. They can schedule a meeting or direct depends on their business type but it is generally use method.


It is sales strategy for the person who is selling books, coursers, workshops or any kind of academic admissions. They can arrange seminars, market it well to gather more foots in and convert them into sales.


It is the best sales strategies for daily usage products, grocery, fruits and vegetables. You can make a e-commerce website and generate sales. For example : Amazon

Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing

It is a huge field itself. Any social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and blogging can be use in this strategy. Although every site has their own marketing campaign.

Email Campaigns

Mostly it is used by B2B marketing for generate more leads by sending them emails.


It can be a Tv ad, Physical Banner, Ad in newspaper or Magazine and Hoardings ( Billboard ) comes under this strategy.


A company can participate as a sponsor in a big event. For example in a award show, reality show, any type of entertainment show. IPL is the most relevant example for a big sponsorship campaign.

Integration of Sales and Marketing

However we can differentiate between sales and marketing for learning purpose. But the truth is, for a successful business we need to integrate this two process. Good marketing generate good leads which later on converts into more sales. I agree sales put money in the pocket but without marketing sales can’t take place. So both are equally important for a company.

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