It is a Picture of Mass measuring machine with balancing technique

Difference Between Mass and Weight

However we say, I want to gain or lose my body weight. What what if I say, it is not your weight. It is actually mass of your body. Uff, confusing right? Don’t worry here I’m to simplify difference between weight and mass with a simple comparison table and in easy language.

Difference Table

1. Mass depends on how much amount of matter (Neutron, Electron and Proton) is in a particular Object. 1. Weight depends on the gravity level.
2. It does not change according to the location.2. It changes as per the location. For example, your weight will be different on Moon or Mars.
3. It is a scalar quantity with magnitude.3. Weight is a vector quantity with magnitude as well as direction.
4. Value of mass can’t be zero.4. Value of weight can be zero if there is no gravity.
5. Unit of mass is Gram ( G ) or Kilogram ( KG ) or Pound ( lb ) depends on SI system.5. Universal unit of weight is Newton ( N ).
6. Mass = Volume x Density6. W = m * g
(where g is gravity)
It is a Mass Measuring tool

Mass Meaning

  • Mass is a very basic property of matter. It is calculated by the amount of atom or particularly Neutron, Electron and proton. Which is not practically possible.
  • So, it can be measure by Volume multiplied by the density.
  • It will not change anywhere as it is not depends on the gravity of the location. If you go to the low gravity location like Pluto or you go to the high gravity location like Sun !
  • Mass is a Scalar quantity which has magnitude so value of this can’t be zero or minus. As we said earlier, it holds a bunch of atoms so it is not possible to have it zero.
  • SI unit of mass is Kilogram known as KG. Also it can be measure as Gram ( G ) or Pound ( lb ).
  • So, the weight we are measure for our self or in day to day life is actually mass. We measure it on the machine is mass measuring machine. However we call it weight in general conversation and usage, but in language of physics, it is mass of a object.
It is a picture of Spring Balance Meter for measuring Weight

Weight Meaning

  • Weight is also known as Force of Gravity ( Fg )‚Äč because it depends on the gravity of the particular location.
  • As measurement of weight is different according to the gravity, so weight of any object is different on earth and it will change when you measure it on the moon. Apart form this hypothetical example, weight of same object can different on surface of earth and on mountain top.
  • Weight is a vector quantity with magnitude plus direction so according to the direction of the object, it can be zero.
  • You must have heard the term zero gravity, it exist in the space. Where there is no gravitational force, this is called as zero gravity. Because of that, the weight is zero for any object there.
  • Spring Balance is name of the equipment which is use for measure the weight. Newton ( N ) is the universal unit for weight.

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